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Could we organize a little piggy bank to buy the licence for a nice song, something like this? http://tinyurl.com/mcepxz7 10 ppl chipping in would be 5 dollars
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  • KiZa Could we organize a little piggy bank to buy the licence for a nice song, something like this? http://tinyurl.com/mcepxz7 10 ppl chipping in would be 5 dollars
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    KiZa Oh and good to know tassa :)10 hours ago
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  • KiZa Guys sien needs an epic ROYALTY FREE song for the video. If you know of any please share. Two steps from hell apparently no longer allows the use of their songs for free..
    profile 21 hours ago
    Sienestaja Savage 1, 2, hon and strife soundtracks included assuming S2G won't mind if we use music from their other projects on promoting savage 2 *rolls eyes*17 hours ago
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  • KiZa Which screen capture app is z best?
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    meankitty2 if you need help with video quality, there's both me and sien here :) (who basically knows the same stuff, after he taught me :C )1 day ago
  • KiZa @stony The server crashes need to be fixed before anything else is done no? It's useless to do anything else until then...
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    stony Ophelia Root-Server has been updated and restarted. I hope the crashes are solved by this - please report back if not. TY1 day ago
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  • KiZa
    Guys, sinestaja is thinking of making a new trailer for sav2. On the new homepage, if it turns out like I imagine, it's gonna be a very important element. The objective is gonna be to make people who visit the site drool over the game and ultimately download it (apart from guiding them to tutorial videos that there are a lot of on youtube - ikearumba's and others').
    So we were thinking of 2 things - from now on while you are playing if you witness something cool in game, note down the match id, start of the *event* and end time, as well as the topic, or what it shows. Then send to me or sine here. We will then store them here http://tinyurl.com/n8saah2. Also, it would be nice to organize a pug sort of game where we will act out gameplay scenarios that we don't already have replays for.
    If you already have footage you think would look nice please share :)
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    sartassa hoping it wont be too one sided :)2 days ago
  • KiZa Fallen trying to crash server..
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  • KiZa
    Since the discussion between added/old/science got lost down south..
    How about just testing the idea ino? The patch server has been a welcome change in the dynamics. A more drastic change like removing charge completely could be even more fun! Let the people be the judge :)
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    Science_ I actually got my forum account back specifically to post in the unofficial patch thread. I'll get on this with a clear head.3 days ago
  • KiZa My first 9gag :) http://9gag.com/gag/a9dVrDo
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    meankitty2 http://9gag.com/gag/a09WnZQ my last 9gag post, I dont post ocessionally but.. I had some funny nostalgic posts 1-2 years ago5 days ago
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  • KiZa @Added I think it's because of the time right now as well. Most would've probably left after the match ended anyway?
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    added Crashes shouldn't happen that often, on the old servers we had years ago crashes were extremely rare. Unless something has changed I'm not sure why every server is so unstable now. (I understand that the COIL server is a lot less powerful than the other EU ones but those I have seen crashing too).

    Especially when there are so few players and it is difficult to get a game going on just one server, it is very important that servers are stable enough to hold that many players, then others can leak into the other servers and viola, they start filling up too.8 days ago
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  • KiZa VCSpammer in ophelia trying to crash server. Based on ping probably US..
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  • KiZa The problem isn't only keeping new players, it's keeping the old as well. So, for me at least, it's a problem, when a player like Savage2Ace, who's been playing 2 years, cries and cries for not getting dispelled while I'm comming, when at the same time it's above him to chase rm and prevent him from killing tower and saps, a player who literally hides behind a garrison watching it go down as azky and I tear it apart, because god forbid in 500 games he actually learned to fight. I've seen 50 sfers with more heart then this "I know it all" dude. So anyway, I get impeached because I'm on the phone and dont have sound so I don't dispell or drop a sub in the west of moonlight which was constantly attacked. So we were winning comfortably, I was buffing and microing saps and shit, but the result is I get impeached, with impeached called by 100 sfer who wanted a pred den and was too impatient, coz 12k is too much money saved, and f3d by 2 year playing 80 sf savage2ace. So, since I have a short fuse and instead of being just pissed I take it out on them and spam cute subs. I built 3 to be exact, one of them actually being a useful, while protecting a tempest to finish game. Yet, I get banned with no warning by mr GGGGGGG. So that's why I'm turning a new page - being a good guy just doesn't work in this game. When I was admin I tried and was fighting the trolls, pretty much by myself, took their harrassment here and in game, and ended up losing admin rights because of their cries that I was too harsh. So call me a hypocrit but it seems a lot more fun to just don't give a fuck and play oneself when I feel like (aka run around like runningman which noone seems to have a problem with). If fucking xuxa got offended that I did this in 2 games I really couldn't care less. As for Savage2Ace I wish you'd stop playing all together. You bring nothing to the game. You suck as a player and your comming is as boring as shit, the only purpose being to win and show how smart/all knowing you
    profile 27 days ago
    KiZa No I have to get this out of my system. If ace hadn't cried here I wouldn't have said anything either.27 days ago
  • KiZa @kitty Even with that pug plugin things usually took a while to start anyway. Why don't we find a way to make teams before the game? You can assign a "level" to people who say will show up and use some online tool (that I can make if needed) to shuffle them evenly. We can't use in game shuffle because sf isn't really much of an indicator. Since the tool is online people can then just go to the site and check which team they are in! So the only work for the organizer is to input the names of the players. The levels can be stored permanently for each player. So instead of 30 min lost by each player the organizer loses 5 min :)
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  • KiZa So much lol
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  • KiZa How was it??
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    KiZa Well that's just awesome :)30 days ago