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Savage 2: A Tortured Soul is the sequel to the action-strategy game Savage: The Battle for Newerth. It takes the best of the FPS, RTS, and RPG genres and blends them seamlessly into an extremely addictive and complex experience.

Here on this website you can learn more about the game and get in touch with players, modders and game admins. Enjoy your stay!

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  • meankitty2
    12 hours 5 minutes ago

    I'm going to make 2 last videos out of every replay I still have, just for the fun of it.
    1 for the clanwar replays, and the other is just for the pubs.

    if you have a replay you'd like me to see feel free to give it to me and I will add it to the vid.


    meankitty2 Okay?
    7 hours 55 minutes ago
  • davidhornak
    15 hours 15 minutes ago

    Salvation for Savage 2 is this server, the new developer proceeding quite well with fixes.


    davidhornak You got written there whats about.
    10 hours 23 minutes ago
  • Sienestaja
    21 hours 11 minutes ago

    The next big S2 event is here! Got a few ideas sketched up, please vote for the best. strawpoll.me/…

  • davidhornak

    So, now is summer but I think we could do some occasional match after summer dont tell me, that anybody wants play, only problem is that when everybody comes nobody online he goes away.

    Xigbar probably from all your alts you made, motherbitchfuck?

    s2 was your refund
    get your refund back, america.
    13 hours 3 minutes ago
  • Ma1iken music
    2 days ago


  • goldpiss has liked a Group

    3 days ago

  • davidhornak
    4 days ago

    Ok, will be there yet some games sometims ? Or I need be millionaire to pay the other players to play with me?

    meankitty2 yes, I wantz monies.
    7 hours 50 minutes ago
  • meankitty2
    6 days ago

    I've started to play nosgoth, who still plays this?

    doomslang I might try nosgoth again. I didn't really like it all that much the first time around.
    3 days ago 1
  • davidhornak
    7 days ago

    Yo, guys how is looking some games still happen? Didnt play some week, hope my project will be more successfull to more support my loved game. I already kicked Wordpress developer, which is slowing earning more money .

    doomslang I haven't seen any games in weeks.
    4 days ago
  • Psy_Clon
    1 week ago

    I just leave this here

    kisle4 днаник
    4 days ago 1
  • Miniman54 link a video.
    1 week ago
  • rancho
    1 week ago

    A game on crossroads went like this one day: beasts are winning, huge army cleared mid and starts marching to the east hills, then south to stronghold. front of army is already south east, the back of the chain still entering east mine. But why are we going east instead of directly to main base? Reply i got: man just follow the huge army of noobs, there is no hurry, we will reach main in the endxD

    7 days ago
  • leftiness
    2 weeks ago

    11PM - Totaka Kazumi - youtu.be/…

  • kaito865 is friends with jaysea
  • meankitty2 commented on added's photo

    2 weeks ago

    was it a PuG on willow? o-o

  • meankitty2 commented on added's photo

    2 weeks ago

    I can't find myself therefore I must dislike this photo >

    jk, that match must've been epic

  • added shared a photo.
    3 weeks ago

    *Sigh*... good times.

    Romans116 It makes me sad I missed out on the most epic years of Savage 2, I only came in towards the end, where you could still get a good game on a daily basis, but nothing like this was going on
    2 weeks ago
  • Sienestaja music
    3 weeks ago

    www.youtube.com/… \o/


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  • goldpiss music
    3 weeks ago

    For the end a sad song. Its my most beloved ever.


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