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Savage 2: A Tortured Soul is the sequel to the action-strategy game Savage: The Battle for Newerth. It takes the best of the FPS, RTS, and RPG genres and blends them seamlessly into an extremely addictive and complex experience.

Here on this website you can learn more about the game and get in touch with players, modders and game admins. Enjoy your stay!

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  • davidhornak
    9 hours 29 minutes ago

    more join event going

  • davidhornak
    10 hours 31 minutes ago

    game going join Noisia back tassa joined beast

    Xigbar america never apologizes!!!
    4 hours 8 minutes ago 2
  • Macola link a video.
    10 hours 51 minutes ago

    How I feel after playin S2.

  • davidhornak
    11 hours 18 minutes ago

    join nosia we can play 5

    noisia so much fun
    11 hours 15 minutes ago
  • davidhornak

    Will be there friday event of we finished as last weeks was zero attendes or after holiday?

    Xigbar yes he wa bery besy tak kare of granpa good ok
    15 hours 23 minutes ago 1
  • Azkael
    3 days ago

    [Lava Plains v1.3]
    I've made some changes according to the feedback I got last time.
    Any new suggestions from your side?

    List of fixes:
    - Redesigned the "hopping paths". No more jumping required to get to mid or east/west parts
    - Added 2 new paths from east/west leading to the main bases. 1 long jump (wall riding) required. Sieges can't go over the gap

    [Continued in comments...]

    Azkael Not sure if you can target anyone from below, but once you've marked someone, you can hide on the safe level (still, only in some places) and cast the spell.
    So it looks pretty much like the situation you show in this picture.
    2 days ago
  • davidhornak
    1 week ago

    guys join friday event.

    noisia RUNNING AWAY!?
    6 days ago 1
  • leftiness
    1 week ago

    Desert Years - ShibayanRecords - youtu.be/…

    leftiness leftiness
    Public 2 years ago
    @Xigbar [...] MBomber thinks it's okay to play a match, and he gets six negs from RDMT. "Everybody neg MBomber for 'U THINK UR COOL? WEL UR NOT.' Ok? Ok. Great work attackers."
    1 week ago 2
  • goldpiss music
    1 week ago

    have another afro hammer about 40 years old.

  • davidhornak
    2 weeks ago

    the downlod is really for long time

    Azkael Yea, it's best to download the map earlier.
    In the final version I'll remove 1 more custom NPC type so it should be 5 MB less.
    2 weeks ago
  • meankitty2
    2 weeks ago


    Sienestaja He's alive
    2 weeks ago 1
  • davidhornak
    2 weeks ago

    Where the fuck you are. This is fucking best game in your live Fucking

  • VigaDu is attending Weekly Battles.
  • Sienestaja
    2 weeks ago

    We have a nice clock on ps2, it ticks once a week.

    leftiness contains cordial content
    2 weeks ago 1
  • davidhornak
    2 weeks ago

    join friday events thank you.

    Sienestaja Oh it's Friday again, nice.
    2 weeks ago 1
  • Azkael shared a photo.
    3 weeks ago

    Hey guys,
    I know there isn't a big need for new maps but I'd like to make just 1 more.
    I really want to make a use of "Kongor" resources (savage2.com/en/ss/…) and thus I've got an idea for a swamp-like map with a strong NPC that'd require entire team (or even both) to be killed.
    Here I've got 2 map concepts. I'd like to hear your opinions.

    Photos available for public view.
    Azkael Thanks for the offer, noisia.
    I'll wait with it till they develop SR a bit more.
    2 weeks ago


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